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Events & Notices


As of February 23rd, 2023, prices for all lots and burials have been increased. Please consult the Price List for more information.

Notice: Spring Grave Clean Up 5/23

LRC's annual board walk through and clean up day is taking place in May of 2023. The exact date is yet to be determined. Please make sure your lots are in compliance with our rules and by-laws.



For Memorial Day flower arrangements may be placed on single lots or cremation lots for the week before and the week after Memorial Day. This is the only time during the year where a potted plant may be on your single/cremation lot. No other items are allowed at any time.

Service organizations may also place flags on veterans' monuments during Memorial Day and Veterans' Day.   


The Board of Directors has amended the flag policy to allow individuals to have a well-cared-for American flag within their appropriately bordered area. The policy remains in effect in all other situations currently outlined in the By-Laws & Rules.



The effort to bring all lots in the cemetery into harmony with the By-Laws & Rules of Last Rest Cemetery continues. Please consult the By-Laws & Rules page to determine if there may be any item related to your lot that needs attention. Items of value which were removed due to a compliance issue will be placed in the Pickup Area near the garage for you to recover should you wish to take these items home. Please do not return these items to your lot. We appreciate your continued cooperation in keeping the cemetery looking dignified and orderly.


Borders are required if you wish to place an American flag, potted plants or flowers in front of your (minimum) double lot monument. All are invited to install their own border with a masonry material of their choice. In the alternative, the cemetery's authorized contractor, offers border installation starting at $80 in three different materials. For more information please contact Merrimack Premium Landscaping via the "Contact Us" page.


RESERVATIONS for spring and fall foundations can be made at anytime during the year.  However, the pouring of the foundations is only done twice a year. Early May and late October. Timing will allow for monuments to be in place by Memorial Day and Veterans' Day. If you have contracted with a monument company for your monument to be placed , please have your monument company contact us at 603-440-9914.

The Board of Directors would like to thank all in advance for your cooperation.

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