Last Rest Cemetery -
How To Consult The Maps Section
*Picture of the vault in Old Section C looking North from Baboosic Lake Road.

  • Note the overall layout of the cemetery to locate the section you are interested in by clicking on "Last Rest Cemetery Layout" below. 
  • Once you have located your section of interest, click on it if available.
  • Orient yourself via the directional markings (N/S/E/W) on each map.
  • Mapping for other sections will be added when completed.
  • Sections A-H are the oldest with some monuments dating back to the early 1800's.  The newest sections to be opened are Section 8, and the new cremation Section 5.  There is limited availability of lots in other sections highlighted in yellow.
  • Note the legend on each map for information on color labels.
  • Maps are not to scale.

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